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Walden Fire Pit Stoker Poker XL 46″ – Stick-One-Way Airflow Valve-Blow Through Fire Poker, Extra Long 46″ – High Carbon – Outdoor Campfire Tools and Accessories Fire-Poker for Fire Pit

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Product Description

Walden BackyardsWalden Backyards

Family FireFamily Fire

We’re Backyard People

Walden Backyards was created with a mission – to start a backyard movement. In a world that seems to move so fast, Walden wants to help make time for simple connections and lasting memories. And we believe some of the best memories are made with friends and family around a fire.

Fire woodFire wood

Quality Products

We believe in our mission. That is why Walden Backyards has created the most well built, easy-to-use and innovative fire pits, fire pokers and backyard accessories anywhere. So please, join us in the movement and let’s all do some backyard living.

Stoker PokerStoker Poker

Patented Design

The Walden Stoker Poker has an industry leading patented air valve that allows users to stoke the fire without inhaling smoke. Simply put the fire poker tip into the base of the fire, blow air into the handle, and watch your fire take off!

Fire PokerFire Poker

Extra Long Design

The Walden Stoker Poker comes in two variations (33 inches and 46 inches) allowing users to stay a safe distance from the fire. While the stoker poker is extra long – it is still high quality, light, and durable which makes it perfect for taking with on your camping trips!



Fire Starters

Fire Starters



Fire Grates

Walden Backyards Original Fire Grate with Ember Catcher fits in standard fire pits for a better bonfire experience. This round, heavy-duty steel fire grate can be used directly on the ground letting air feed the fire from underneath for bigger bonfires and campfires.

Sure-Fire Starters

Light the bonfire using just one Walden Sure-Fire Starter, and it will stay lit under the toughest conditions. These non-toxic fire starters burn for 10 to 15 minutes, and are made 100% of recycled material right here in the USA.

Conversation Starters

The family-friendly Fire-side Chats playing card deck is the perfect opportunity to learn something you never knew about the person sitting next to you. Whether it’s a life-long friend, or someone you’ve just met, there are always new and unexpected ways to connect with people around a fire.

This Genuine Walden Stoker-Poker gives you unparalleled control of the fire from start to finish. After just one try, the unique air jets and lightweight but sturdy design make it the tool that any fire aficionado would never want to be without. *Patent Pending*
IS IT A POKER? IS IT A STOKER? Well actually it’s both, we can use a stick to move the logs, and dump gasoline on the wood to get it going, but Stoker Poker is really very effective and safe. If you see that the fire is going out, you can easily re-arrange the logs from 4 feet away and simply blow through the Stoker Poker to re-ignite the flames.
PATENTED DESIGN: The Walden Stoker Poker has an industry leading patented air valve that allows users to stoke the fire without inhaling smoke. Simply put the fire poker tip into the base of the fire, blow air into the handle to STOKE your fire and keep your bonfire roaring.
SAFE, EASY & USES: A must-have addition to your CAMPFIRE TOOLS, or fireplace and firepit accessories. No more getting smoke in your eyes. No more having to scramble around on the ground getting your knees dirty trying to blow on that perfect spot on the fire. Totally safe for kids as well, with a one-way blow valve, there’s no chance of inhaling smoke. Great opportunity for kids to “help” mommy and daddy get the fire going!
QUALITY: Beautiful wood handle that is comfortable and easy to handle for hands of all sizes. Stainless steel mouthpiece that is easy to clean between users because other people will definitely want to try this out. High carbon steel material makes it both light weight and strong enough to handle the gnarliest logs and stainless-steel hanging ring makes it easy to store when not in use.


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